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about us


Our mission is to supply the people with the latest news and developments from the around the globe based on their personal choices and geo-location. Hence we deliver users with fast, fluid and reliable news articles and stories from over 300 sources , 24/7.

Our mission is to put the user in control and let him decide which news stories he wants to read and which he wants to ignore in order to inculcate trust between the news sources and the end reader thus reaffirming people’s trust in humanity.


To re-establish people’s trust in freedom of speech and choice by giving the people the authority to manage information and controlling what they see thus making them aware of global and local affairs in order to strengthen our values and our democracy.

As the founder of this establishment, I have ensured that the company is built on the strong foundations of truth, honesty and integrity so that the same values transcend into our products, organisational culture and the society in large.

I firmly believe that the ideals as mentioned above are the only way through which we can achieve the true spirit of our purpose of being. Only then will mutual trust be restored, reaffirmed and re-established among the masses.

SORS App, is a testament to our vision and goal. The app in itself is aimed at educating the people of the different trials and problems that we face as a global community. The latest developments around the world regarding ‘fake news’ have further reinforced the idea behind the app and has increased its importance only.

I hope that the app will reduce the gap between reliable news and the people at large. I hope it makes people more aware, more thoughtful and more conscious of what goes around in the society around them. And, I sincerely hope that the app will help in fortifying our freedom, rights and liberties.


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